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As we get older, we are all bound to face unexpected situations which may change our lives dramatically – whether in our own lives or that of our loved ones. Eventually this means we may seek support from others to help us adjust. Be that as it may, research shows us that much of the vulnerable population do not receive the support and care we need as elders – with research showing that 4% of older people will suffer abuse in their later years. Our team specialises in elder abuse cases, able to help victims and their families receive the amount of compensation they are entitled to and, as a result, allow the victim and their families peace of mind in their final years.

What is elder abuse?

The definition of elder, abuse as adopted by leading organisations such as Action on Elder Abuse, summarises it as: ‘A single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress to an older person’. This shows us that elder abuse is not limited to one setting or one relationship type – but instead is more complex and can take many varying forms.

Many elder abuse cases, as shown in the media, are that of care home and nursing home claims with the abuser being an external professional such as a care giver, a social worker or a health professional. However, there are often cases where the victim may also know the abuser personally, such as a friend or family member, being in an abusive domestic situation.

Examples of elder abuse

Here at Essex Personal Injury Lawyers, we acknowledge that abuse of the elderly can occur anywhere, by anyone and can take many forms – be that mental or physical abuse. Some abuse may be very deliberate, but commonly it can also be caused unintentionally, such as by lack of knowledge of support.

Some examples of elder abuse include:

  • Physical abuse – such as hitting, pushing, or the restraint or overuse of medication.
  • Psychological abuse – such as physical threats, intimidation, ridicule, or the denial of the right to make decisions.
  • Financial abuse – such as being denied or control of your own funds, or your belongings taken.
  • Sexual abuse – making unwanted advances, or forced against will.
  • Neglect – being ignored, or not having your essential emotional or physical requirements met.

What are the warning signs of elder abuse?

Typically, loss of capacity of mobility are the common signs of ageing – but the signs of elder abuse can be more difficult to identify. There may be some immediately obvious physical signs of abuse such as bruising or broken bones to general poor hygiene, extreme weight loss, depression or unexplained withdrawal from family/social situations.

How do I report suspected elder abuse?

There are many channels to report elder abuse depending on the level of risk posed to the individual. Guidelines provided by the UK Government tell us that some types of abuse will be immediate criminal offences – such as physical assault, theft, and fraud – and should be reported to the police directly if you believe someone to be in immediate danger. However, if you are less certain and suspect someone may be at the risk of being abused, or is experiencing other forms such as neglect, you should contact your local council or a healthcare trust to ask for help.

How can I make an elder abuse compensation claim?

Essex Personal Injury Lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of elder abuse claims. But we also operate on the understanding that every claim is highly personal, and circumstances will differ for every person.

When considering making an elder abuse claim, we know it can be an extremely distressing and confusing time – so we aim to provide clear and compassionate advice on whatever situation you may find yourself in. Our highly trained solicitors will properly manage your claim ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. We will work alongside you, examining all the available evidence to provide a service catered to your needs.

Why choose Essex Personal Injury Lawyers?

We work on a no win no fee basis, offering a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your claim. This ensures you will be in a compassionate and pressure-free environment when discussing your claim. If you, or a loved one has been neglected in care or has found to be a victim of abuse in any given situation, contact us today to find out how we can help you regain peace of mind.

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