Road Traffic Accident Claims

Road traffic accidents can be devastating for everyone involved and does not limit itself to motorists alone. When travelling on the public highway everyone is at risk, including cyclists, pedestrians and workmen. The number of high speed vehicles on the road adds to that risk and accidents inevitably happen. It is very difficult to be completely safe and even the most skilled drivers are still at risk.

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If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and it wasn’t your fault, we strongly advise making contact with a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible to obtain the best possible result. Our team of solicitors have years of experience specialising in road traffic accident claims, making the process as straightforward as possible for our clients.

Here at Essex Personal Injury Lawyers, we treat every client on an individual basis by carefully tailoring our services to fit your case.

What seems like a minor injury may have long-term effects on you and your loved ones and can derail someone’s life. Many people are unable to work for lengthy periods of time whilst they are recovering and often forget about the mental impact such a drastic event will have on them. More often than not they will lose the confidence they need to get back on the road and may require expert help to overcome the incident.

What should I do if I have been involved in a road traffic accident?

We recommend that you take as many details as you can as soon as possible after the event, should you be involved in an accident. Get the full name and address of any other drivers involved in the accident, as well as those of any witnesses. If possible try to obtain the other sides insurance information. Take plenty of photos and download footage from a dash cam if you have one, or check if other drivers have recorded any footage. Most importantly, make sure you report the accident to your insurers and the police, if required.

The next step is to contact a personal injury lawyer to start your claim.

What is the road traffic accident claims process?

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, and believe you could be entitled to a claim, get in touch. We will require sight of any evidence you have obtained (photographs, insurance details, police reports) as well as a description as to how the accident happened. Once we have all this information we will submit your claim directly to the insurers of the other driver. Depending on the severity of your injury, it is likely that we will require full copies of your medical records. These records will subsequently be sent to a medical expert who will provide, in a written format, details of your injuries. They will then examine you and advise upon any recommended treatments you may benefit from in addition to your likely prognosis.

What types of road accidents can claim compensation?

Road traffic accidents encompass any collision on the public highway involving a mechanically propelled vehicle. They will include accidents which involve:

  • Cars,
  • Motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes,
  • Buses and coaches.

Injured parties in accidents are likely to be:

  • Those operating the vehicle involved,
  • Pedestrians,
  • Workman.

If your accident does not fall into one of the categories above but happened on the road, and you think you have grounds to make a claim, please do get in touch as it’s highly possible that we can still help you.

What is the Road Traffic Act?

The Road Traffic Act provides the legal framework for road safety, the licensing of vehicles, and insurance.

How much compensation can I expect from a car accident settlement?

The amount of compensation will vary case by case, depending on the severity of the injuries sustained, the type of injury occurred, and what treatment is required to help facilitate your recovery. Our team of personal injury solicitors have considerable experience in dealing with these claims and have recovered compensation for clients who have suffered injuries ranging from straight forward whiplash to the most severe that require amputation of limbs.

Making a claim for a road traffic injury

If you have suffered an injury at the hands of a reckless driver you may be entitled to compensation. When it comes to dealing with road traffic accidents, we understand that everyone has their own priorities. Whether that is getting the vehicle recovered and repaired, or receiving medical treatment and rehabilitation for your injuries, our solicitors will take care of you by providing a legal service tailored to your needs.

If you believe you have grounds for a claim, contact us today. We can help discuss the best course of action to ensure your claim is successful.

Why choose our team of personal injury specialists?

  • We work on a no win no fee basis
  • We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your issue

We have represented many clients who have been involved in road accidents over the years and have built up extensive knowledge in this area. Whether you have any questions or want to find out more about how we can help your case, please get in touch with us today.

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