Slips & Trips

Public places and work environments are often full off hazards. Generally, safeguarding measures are put into place to reduce the risk to you and others. However, mistakes can happen when hazards are left unattended. In serious cases these accidents can prove to be extremely disabling with the majority of them causing significant injuries to backs, heads and limbs.

Injuries can dramatically reduce your quality of life and often result in large medical bills. When this is the case, compensation becomes vital to enable you to continue with your life whilst being able to recover any financial loss arising from the accident.

These claims can be frustrated by the need to collect evidence regarding the accident location and who the responsible party is. Slips and trips outside can simply be caused by poor weather conditions, or poorly maintained walkways. If the owner of premises or land has not made reasonable efforts to reduce the risk of harm, or do not have an appropriate system of checks in place to monitor those risks, there may be grounds to make a claim.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a non-fault slip or trip accident, contact us today to find out how our professional team of solicitors can help you.

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