Sports Injuries

Sports are usually associated with health and fitness but there are some inherent risks that all sports carry – which we all accept when we play them. In some contact sports, injuries are inevitable. Those that are sustained from legal tackles do not meet the criteria for making a personal injury claim.

A typical claim following a sporting injury may arise from faulty equipment, an illegal tackle or facilities that have been poorly maintained, or not maintained at all. Liability for your injury may vary depending on when the equipment became faulty or who is in charge of maintaining the sports ground. Spectators can also bring a claim for personal injury if they have been injured whilst spectating at a game and as a result of improper safety measures.

If you were injured by faulty equipment, or whilst on a playing field that has fallen into a state of disrepair due to poor maintenance, you may be eligible to bring a claim.

Many sporting injuries lead to permanent damage and a loss of income through work absence. If you believe you, or a loved one’s, sports injury has happened through the negligence of another person, contact Jefferies Solicitors and find out how we can help you.

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