Brain Trauma & Spinal Injuries

Although medical care within the UK is often of a very high standard it is, unfortunately, overworked and underfunded. Although this means that mistakes are usually very rare, they can have a disabling impact upon someone’s life when they do occur.

Injuries to the brain and spine can be the result of an accident or an act of clinical negligence. Whatever the cause, the result is often large medical bills and a decrease in an individual’s earning capabilities meaning that compensation is typically the only remedy available to them.

Brain trauma and spinal injury claims often attract high levels of compensation due to the nature of the injury and the requirement for long term after care. It may be necessary that their home is modified to ensure they can remain living there. This demands that the matter is dealt with in a highly professional and sensitive manner ensuring that all necessary provision is made for future needs and requirements.

Jefferies Solicitors have the resources available to highlight areas of neglect by potential organisations or individuals that may be at fault. We will examine all the available evidence to build a strong case and secure the compensation you deserve.

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